Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Click on me!

I've spruced up my blog homepage. I added labels, so if you wanted to, say, see all the posts that have to do with Chester, just click on that label. And look to your right... I added a Follow This Blog button. Please click on it and become a follower of The Leaf Blower!

Since I started this blog six months ago, I've been tracking my blog stats using this amazing free program called Google Analytics. It tells you the number of visits, absolute unique visitors, locations, and much, much more.

For example, in the past month, my blog has had 455 visits:
by 163 unique visitors
from 13 countries
and 29 US states

Now it's safe to say that 11 of those countries stumbled upon my blog by accident, but I'm pretty sure there's someone in the UK who reads it fairly regularly. Most unusual countries on the list: Qatar and Oman.

Most of the visitors are from San Francisco, but this month there have been visits from 33 other cities in California.

It also breaks visits down by network location. Usually it's something generic like "Comcast," but there are some networks I recognize. For example, in the past month there were 90 visits from Genentech!

Another interesting breakdown is by Traffic Sources. It shows you how many visits came from search engines and what keywords people typed to find my blog. Some of the keyword searches are by people legitimately looking for my blog (e.g. "Brian Crawford Writing Blog," or "Brian Crawford Leaf Blower") but some of them were clearly looking for something else and stumbled upon my blog instead, and then clicked on it. I'll leave you with a few of the more unusual keyword searches:

ernest hemingway plant a tree
ernest hemingway child molester (?)
who takes steriods
black and white drawing of a park bench (??)
build your own leaf blower
doggy blower
extreme leaf blowing
blower para maverick (???)
scary pic of a man holding a leaf blower
little giant leaf blower
little darlin leaf blower
shocing brasil (????)

Don't forget to become a Follower... everyone's doing it!


  1. now this is an Extreme Leaf Blower.

  2. Hard to believe that your BFF's from Fresno didn't provide enough blog traffic. Nice photo. Very handsome. That alone will attract more hits!

  3. um, ask scott what we searched for to figure out the name of the movie zoo. i'll give you a hint: death by horse ____.

  4. I'm sure you can imagine the keyword searches that appear on my blog stats.