Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Interview with Brian Crawford

Today the Leaf Blower would like to welcome... Brian Crawford. The LB sat down with the fledgling author to ask him a few random questions:

The Leaf Blower: Now that you're back at your day job, has it been tough to keep up with your writing?
Brian Crawford: Yes. Very tough. After I finish writing my blog and reviewing other people's work for my writing group, I have little time and energy left for my book. I'm still trying to find a writing schedule that works. I've tried writing after work, but often I'm too tired to be very productive. My latest schedule is I'll get up in the morning and work on my book for one hour, no matter what. I started that yesterday, but I overslept. Then I had to work on my blog this morning. There's always tomorrow.

The Leaf Blower: A lot of people write books while working full time.
Brian Crawford: I know. While working on his first book, John Grisham used to wake up at 5 a.m. and write for a few hours, then go to work -- 60 to 80 hours a week -- as a State Representative. Some people can get by on little sleep. I'm not one of those people.

The Leaf Blower: When I Google "Brian Crawford writer," this Facebook page comes up. Is it yours? If so, it's pretty lame.
Brian Crawford: No. Shit no. Do you think I'd write "I am the greatest writer in the world" on my own page? Still, he must have done something right to make him pop up in the first few hits of Google -- I could learn a thing or two from him. And then there's this guy. He always comes up first. And he's a writer, too. Damn you, Brian A. Crawford.

The Leaf Blower: Is it hard to keep a low profile when you bear such a striking resemblance to Christian Bale?
Brian Crawford: Yes. I had to grow a beard for camouflage.

The Leaf Blower: What's the name of your book?
Brian Crawford: It's tentatively called Double-blind. My book is about clinical trials, and double-blind is a type of trial design -- where neither the patient nor the doctor know which treatment the patient is on. It also has a double meaning, since the main character is blind to some real bad stuff that's been going on.

The Leaf Blower: Oh, I get it. It's very clever.
Brian Crawford: Thank you.
The Leaf Blower: How's that working out for you?
Brian Crawford: What?
The Leaf Blower: Being clever.
Brian Crawford: Great.
The Leaf Blower: Keep it up, then... right up.

(Last bit of dialogue courtesy of Tyler Durden)


  1. sounds like someone has a case of the moooondays

  2. Brian Crawford is one clever guy. Will Brian Crawford be publishing his book under a pseudonym?

  3. You're too late. I added "Brian Crawford Writer" to my Facebook thinking it was you, and then I thought it was a little odd when he said he didn't know anything about Bay to Breakers. Time to defriend the impostor.

  4. 1. on the sleep thing: WORD.
    2. i have similar goals with the gym. but i've missed the last 1200 times in a row.
    3. Christian Bale!!! I'm dying. that's hilarious. oh, wait, what? you can't be. you know he's jacked, right? three words, buddy: small, miniscule, and flea. i take it back: translucent. there. that's four.
    4. do your readers know about the 'blades? elbow pads? helmet? wrist guards? chinstrap?
    good stuff man. i'm done now.

  5. Thanks for the endorsement. I was thinking more about Christian Bale in The Machinist than Batman.

  6. John Grisham is so overrated. We've just returned from a driving trip, accompanied by two CD books. After listening to the first two CD's of Grisham latest, "The Associate", we stopped. The premise was too far-fetched and Kyle, the main character, was very unsympathetic. Instead, "Water for Elephants," held our rapt attention, making ten driving hours pass by quickly. Sadly, we arrived home before finishing the last CD. Should the two of us just drive around So Cal together in order to hear the ending? Or, do Jeff and I fight over that last CD, so that one knows the ending before the other person? What a dilemma.

  7. Back in the day when I toyed around with web design, I found out that you can actually submit your site to google (or other search engines)so that you appear in search results upon approval. I'm not sure if that is how things work now or if you can do that if your site is being hosted by wordpress or blogger, etc., but it might be worth a look. Maybe your results will trump the other dudes who are dragging your name through the mud! Or you could take on a pen name - like George Sand (who was a female, I'm sure you know). Brianna Crawford, maybe.