Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Old Man and the Sex

Let's play a game called Change One Letter. Take the title of a book (fairly well known) and alter it by changing one letter, removing one letter, or adding one letter. Then give a brief synopsis of the "new" book. I got this from David Giltinan's blog, Mainly on the Plain. David is a fellow ex-Genentecher who left to follow a different path. He's really good at this game, as you can see from his recent post. My favorite one of David's is: "A Thousand Splendid Subs: Jared's Story."
I, on the other hand, struggled to come up with these:

The Old Man and the Sex

A senior experiments with taking three different erectile dysfunction drugs in the same weekend.

All the Pretty Houses

The rise and fall of California's housing industry.

The Sound and the Furry

Hannah, a furry feline, lies still all day. But she's not sleeping... she's waiting.

Cystic River

The world's most polluted river: how it got that way, and what you can do about it.

Angels and Lemons

The heartbreaking story of the auto industry's forgotton familys -- and the crappy cars that got them in their current situation.

Readers, show me what you got.


  1. Their Eyes Were Watching Sod:

    A Farmer's Guide to Unemployment

  2. The Drapes of Wrath

  3. Uncle Yom's Cabin

    Outdoor cooking with your favorite Vietnamese chef!

  4. Jurassic Spark. The untold story of the tragic love between a Aussie park ranger and his beloved velociraptor.

  5. "100 Pears of Solitude:" A saga about a complicated tree that stubbornly refuses to cross-breed with other trees, dooming itself out of pride and making it tricky to tell the pears apart. Banana trees also play a big role.

    "Blondness:" Inspired by Bob Dylan, a cautionary tale about what happens when being blonde is contagious, and people become so consumed by their own blondness that they fail to see other blondes with compassion, resulting in blonde on blonde violence and terrifyingly deep damage of human hair, revealing just how fragile follicles are.

    "The Catchmen:" Children sometimes don't know what to call outfielders in baseball! Here, an adorable collection of kids creating words for things adults already have words for, plus Nixon is still President.

    "Remains of the Jay:" A lonely bird never dreams of being anything but a bird, and a dedicated one at that, until the day a cat catches him and brings his wing and part of his torso to a mildly offended former housekeeper. (inspired by the title of Monday's Gossip Girl.)

  6. Great ones!

    How about:
    The Secret Life of Beets: A memoir by Dwight Schrute

    How to Win Fiends and Influence People: When aligning with good people just isn’t enough.

  7. Grime and Punishment - the true tales of housekeepers for Hollywood's young and (REALLY) dirty.

  8. Batch-22: after several failed experiments involving cotton balls and chocolate, a group of American soldiers makes the ultimate cookie batter.

    Moby-Duck: a quest for revenge in a park pond.

    Haus: Art Spiegelman's aging father seeks treatment from an eccentric but brilliant clinical diagnostician.

  9. The Strand – A non-fiction story of a SoCal, shirtless rollerblader.

    The Postman Always Sings Twice – Musical starring Hugh Jackman in a mailman suit

    Slaughterhouse Dive – A high school diving competition takes a horrific turn

    The Lord of the Wings – Documentary of an all-you-can-eat contest at Hooters

    Animal Harm – A book that Holly and Amy would NEVER read

    Lore of the Flies – An in depth look of the trials and tribulations of fruit flies

  10. Olive N' Twist- A complete bartenders guide to garnishing popular cocktails.

  11. Brian:

    Another fun game is the "literary collaborations" challenge, wherein the rule is to combine one or more book or film titles and describe the result.

    Examples -

    "Antigone with the Wind"
    When Athens burns amidst civil unrest, the question of burial inside or outside the city walls becomes moot.

    "The Bell Jarhead"
    A young woman grapples with adulthood and her sexuality.
    In the Marines.

    "Guns, Germs, and Steel Magnolias"
    Jared Diamond and Dolly Parton join forces in this far-reaching exploration of the forces that have shaped human civilization since the dawn of time.

    "Cujo's Boys"
    Two of New England's best loved writers collaborate on this chilling tale, which traces the fortunes of a litter of demonic St Bernard pups as they wreak havoc across New England.

    "Among School Children of the Corn"
    Tracy Kidder's sabbatical year observing teachers at their work takes an unexpected, slightly sinister, turn.

    I greatly enjoyed your list of San Francisco annoyances (and laughed out loud on the "Emeryville" list entry).

    Hope all is well,

    Cheers, David