Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Double-blind Word Cloud

I created a "word cloud" of my novel, Double-blind, at wordle.net. I discovered this site a few weeks ago and it's already provided me with hours of entertainment. The way it works is the cloud gives more prominence to the words that appear most frequently in the text. I pasted my entire manuscript into the word-cloud generator. And, for reasons I'm not sure I can articulate, I substituted my hero's and villain's names with "Harry" and "Voldemort."

You can generate an endless array of random clouds, but I like this one because it shows all of the main character's problems hovering above him like a literal rain cloud.


  1. Album cover Idea Number 1.
    -Put all the song lyrics of the entire album into wordle. Then arrange into a cool, edgy, artsy, hip, collage of words. Use as album cover.
    Thanks bro.

  2. Fun! Good tool for English teachers to use with their students.