Tuesday, February 2, 2010

THE DEADLINE is looming

Time for an update on my novel, Double-blind. It's been five months since I began my major rewrite, and five weeks since I set THE DEADLINE.

My day job's been kicking my ass lately, so it's been hard to find the time and energy to work on my manuscript. It'd be one thing if I were a forklift driver or a fireman, then the writing could be a vacation from work and vice versa. But right now I'm neck-deep in performance reviews, an activity that taxes the same overstimulated area of my brain. Just like in fiction, writing performance reviews requires you to be creative -- and choose your words carefully.

With my busy schedule, I've settled into a routine of writing for about an hour each morning before work. And I've made slow but steady progress toward my goal. In fact, looking back, I realized I've accomplished a lot. In the past few months, I:

  • Wrote a new prologue (yes, I've decided to go with a prologue)
  • Killed a major character
  • Invented a new major character
  • Planted some serious skeletons in my protagonist's closet
  • Deleted 15,000 words
  • Wrote 20,000 new words
  • Drank 427 cups of coffee

All said, I'm going to have a solid manuscript in my back pocket when I head to the San Francisco Writers Conference in two weeks. And, best of all, I'm close to being done with this smelly old thing for good -- and moving on to something new.


  1. I listened to an author interview today. She took 10 years to write and publish her most recent book. Relative to her book, yours is practically an infant! Keep up the good work and good luck at the writer's conference.

  2. Here is the proof.

  3. I can't wait to see your book on the NYT bestseller list next year!