Sunday, March 7, 2010

100th Post!

That's right, this is my 100th blog post. That means some of you (thanks Mom and Dad) have endured 100 straight weeks of The Leaf Blower. In celebration of this milestone, I'd like to recap ten of my favorite posts, in no particular order:

Writer's Best Friend - Chester: I introduce a perennial Leaf Blower favorite, my black lab Chester.

Rejection, Konrath Style: Famous author JA Konrath writes a guest post about being rejected -- and my readership increases a hundred-fold for a day.

Writer's Best Friend, Part II - Hannah: The picture of Hannah on Chester's bed might be my favorite photo on planet earth.

The Feuilleton: I attempt to write a story using an entire month of MW's words-of-the-day. Fondly reminds me of the year when I had a lot more time on my hands.

Dog Days of Winter: I develop a case of doggy tourettes syndrome.

Always be closing: My first speed-dating experience at the San Francisco Writers Conference.

Hannah Moosh Babushka Houshmand Vanportfliet, 2000-2008: Eulogy for my writing partner. Can't really call this one a "favorite," but it's one of the most significant.

Don't Bring Me Down: Top ten worst classic rock songs to write to.

Back to the Sea: An exercise from my writing class. One of a few pieces of fiction on this blog.

How to Pitch a Book: My success at this year's San Francisco Writers Conference.

Chester, again: Sorry, had to include an eleventh one -- about Chester, of course. Here, he tries to steal a tennis ball off the bottom of an old man's walker.

Thanks for reading... looking forward to 100 more!


  1. These posts are genuis! Thanks for giving us the leafblower! It makes every Tuesday that much better (though I prefer early Tuesday am posts to the late in the day ones--fyi).

  2. Mom says: I have enjoyed every one of your blogs; those are my favorites too.

  3. Your blog has become a "must read" for me. Your style reminds me of my other my other favorite writer, columnist Chris Erskine of the LA Times. You both find joy in the ordinary and irony in the unexpected. Thanks for the continuing entertainment. I look forward to your future posts!