Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book Bound

I'm finally ready to send the Double-blind manuscript to my family and close friends to read. But I didn't want to send them a big stack of paper held with a binder clip, so I went to Lulu.com and had it printed like an actual book.

The Lulu service is awesome. You can go from basic self-service (which I did, and it only costs about 6 bucks a book) to a full editorial/publishing package that will make your book as polished as anything you'd see in a bookstore. You can even get an ISBN number and put your book up for sale on Amazon as a print and an e-book.

I didn't spend much time on the project -- I'm not self publishing the book, I just wanted to have some fun and make the manuscript more readable. So I sped through the basic process and ordered ten copies.

Still, I don't recall ever being so excited about receiving a package. Opening the box and seeing Double-blind in a real book format was so very cool. The cover and binding are beautiful. It looks just like something you'd see in the bookstore, with my name on the spine. And it's pretty thick -- the thing has some weight to it. It feels great to know that I've created this, that it didn't exist two years ago and now it could take up physical space on a bookshelf. Then I opened it.

The inside of the book has some issues. Lulu shrunk the MS Word page exactly as it was. Imagine a paperback book-sized page with a miniature Word document imposed on it. The font went from size 12 to, like, 7. It's barely readable. I asked my wife if she thought the text was too small, if it would be a deal breaker for anyone reading it, and she said, "It looks fine. I mean, both of your parents have reading glasses, right?"

So I'm doing it over, whether Lulu compensates me for it or not, in bigger font. Hold on mom, just a little longer...


  1. Good to know. I've got to self-publish a book my grandmother wrote forty years ago. I will remember to check the font! Thanks!

  2. Dad says he would like the original version with the small print and larger margins. Then he just needs a nice sharp pencil.........

    Love, Mom

  3. The perfect Mother's Day/Father's Day gift for your parents!

  4. Hey Brian, bring a copy on Wed., OK? Would love to check it out.