Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Brad Pitt vs. Chester

In the spirit of taking over the world, Google has developed Analytics, a program that can track your blog's visitors in alarming detail. It's the best free product I've used since the original Napster, and that one wasn't even legal.

It's fun to watch geographical trends, track the key words people are using, and to see how Leaf Blower's blog traffic changes depending on the topic, type of post, etc. I've noticed that on the days when I ask a question, about the same number of people visit, but they are much more likely to comment -- and to come back for a repeat visit. Presumably because they want to see what other people going to say.

The only thing that makes a big difference in the number of unique visitors is when I post a link on Facebook. On average, this nearly doubles my visitors for that post. Check out the graph above. The spikes are on Tuesdays, when I update my blog. On May 25th, I didn't post a link on Facebook; on June 1st and 8th, I did. But there's something else that appears to make a difference: the picture. A thumbnail is included with the link on Facebook. The May 31st post featured a picture of my poor injured dog, Chester. He's a real crowd favorite. But not, it seems, as much of a favorite as Brad Pitt. On June 8th, the Brad photo brought a 20% increase in visitors.

I guess sex really does sell, even with the sophisticated Leaf Blower readers. Just wait... next week, I'm really going to jump the shark.


  1. That doesn't make any sense. Brad Pitt has nothing on Chester.

  2. Have you considered a Facebook page specifically for The Leaf Blower? Wouldn't that generate more hits?