Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Double-blind is done; The Leaf Blower takes a hiatus

The DOUBLE-BLIND project is officially done. For now, at least. I've completed my my first batch of agent queries. I sent out about thirty in total, which isn't a huge amount compared to what most first-time authors send. I could have sent fifty, or one hundred, but I wanted to make each letter somewhat personalized, and after a certain amount you're running into diminished returns anyway.  I've gotten rejections back on about half of the queries. And I've received six requests for a partial or full manuscript -- a stat that I'm pretty proud of! Although I've already gotten rejected on half of the manuscript submissions, too.

At some point, I'll probably send out query round two (I may do a snail mail round; I initially skipped any agent who only accepted snail mail queries, even though a few of these agents seemed promising. Which, I imagine, is the reason they request snail mail in the first place: if the thought of printing a few pages and dropping them into an envelop is too much of an obstacle for you, maybe you're not that serious about pursuing that particular agent -- or about your writing project in general). 

And, if the traditional publishing route doesn't work out, I will self-publish DOUBLE-BLIND and/or put it out as an e-book.

But for now... I'm moving on. I'm tired of DOUBLE-BLIND. I'm tired of revising it, I'm tired of writing about it, and I'm tired of talking about it. The proverbial desk drawer has been calling ever more loudly for my manuscript, and it's time to drop it there and work on some new material. I have so many ideas, I just need to write! write! write!

And finally, after 125 consecutive Tuesdays, The Leaf Blower Blog is going on hiatus for a while. My wife and I are expecting a baby in nine days (!) and I want to devote what precious writing time I'll have to working on some new fiction material. I enjoy writing this blog, and I look forward to the comments I receive each week. But, as Sherman Alexie said, every word on your blog is a word not in your book. So The Leaf Blower is going off the air -- probably for a few months.

Thanks again for reading... I will be back!