Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Hint Fiction Anthology is Here!

Yesterday was an oddly joyful day. On the way to work, I got pulled over going nearly double the speed limit, but got off with a warning (and a little humiliation: the cop who pulled me over was on foot. He just pointed to the side of the road and gave me the same look I give my dog Chester when he gets into the trash). I watched my six-week-old daughter roll herself over (gymnast, genius). And I watched the SF Giants win the World Series (joyful for a number of reasons, odd because I was actually watching a baseball game).

And… the Hint Fiction Anthology was officially released… and reviewed favorably in The New Yorker! Yes, that New Yorker.

I received my contributor's copy of the anthology, and it’s a handsome little book. It feels great seeing my name and my story nestled between the likes of Joyce Carol Oates and Peter Straub. My story is on page 53, right after Jack Ketchum's.

So I had to come out of  blogger retirement to urge you to buy the Hint Fiction Anthology on Amazon (where it was, for a moment, #1 in the anthology category), Like it on Facebook, and generally talk up its awesomeness.